Traditional homemade Italian dessert. Espresso soaked ladyfinger cookies, liqueurs, sweet marscarpone cheese, and cream. 10

Traditional crunchy puff pastry stuffed with homemade chocolate-chip marscarpone cheese. 8

Chocolate gelato with raspberry sorbet filling coated with a chocolate shell, served with whipped cream. 8

Traditional Italian ice cream served with whipped cream. 8

Dark Chocolate Lava Cake
Warm chocolate cake with a melted chocolate center, served with vanilla bean ice cream. 12

Junior’s Famous Original New York Cheesecake
A great rendition of the classic cheesecake flown in straight from New York City. 12

Sicilian Lemon Sorbet 8

Blood Orange Sorbet 8

Triple Espresso Gelato 8

Bourbon Butter Pecan Gelato 8

Vino e Sorbetti

Sweet Moscato di’ Asti and Sicilian Lemon Sorbet 15